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God Demands Our Anger

To everyone who is angry about what is happening and has happened in the church, and even more especially to those who are not angry:
Anger can be justified and I can think of few better justifications for anger than the abuse of children or the defense of those responsible. 
That being said, I have heard a lot of talk about not being angry and not letting the devil take control of you in your anger. What the hell is wrong with us?
We are supposed to be angry about this. And what is more, we are supposed to prayerfully act on this anger. 
Granted, you can lose control and go about it the wrong way, but consider this: In the Gospel of John (Chapter 2), Jesus drives the money changers out of the temple. This is the example people use to explain justified anger. But what is equally important is that Jesus acted on His anger. And it wasn't impulsive action either. I don't know how long it takes to make a whip out of cords or if He even happened to have cords with Him. What I do know …

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