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Heaven Is Too Good To Be True

Sometimes when I think about my perfect future I am filled with doubt and disbelief.The way I hope my life turns out in, say, twenty years, just seems too good to be true.There is no way something that wonderful could actually happen.  It’s not me being pessimistic or doubting that God loves me enough to give it to me, it’s just simply too good to be true.

But why?
The more I think about it, the more it just seems that something about it isn’t right.It just doesn’t feel right sometimes when I imagine myself in twenty years.
There isn’t anything objectively wrong with the vocation I have chosen or the way I am living it out in the future picture of myself, so that can’t be it.Maybe God is calling me to a different vocation?No, it isn’t that either.
The problem isn’t objective, it is subjective.It is the way I think of the future.
Sometimes I (and likely we, if you’re being honest too,) take the thing that is desired, and idolize it.The feeling that it is “too good to be true” should be reser…

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