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Are You Chaste?

Chastity is a funny virtue.  Or maybe it's just our understanding of chastity that is arbitrary. According to the catechism, a virtue is "a habitual and firm disposition to do the good". We often think of chastity as abstaining from certain behaviors and actions that are contrary to the sixth and ninth commandments. How many other virtues do we define by not doing something? While it might seem to be a logical consequence of the definition of a virtue, habitually not doing the bad is not the defining characteristic of a virtue.
A virtue is always defined and practiced by the action of doing the good. One result of doing the good is not doing the bad. But again, simply not doing the bad doesn't cultivate virtue. We do not live in a virtuous society. But of all the virtues, chastity is one of the least present and least understood.
I would suggest that our lack of understanding is responsible for the breakdown of chastity, and even aspects of our wider society.

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